Rocío Segura

Rocío Segura

Singer, ALMERÍA 1979

This "cantaora", from a very young age, has been clear about the path she wanted to follow, and step by step, without deviating, without considering the shortcuts, and above all, without hurrying, she has walked alone along the stony path she set out on from the beginning. The result is obvious: the professionalism and rigour of her performances are evident. Among his many values, it is worth mentioning his mastery of the rhythm, his voice and his good taste in the selection of the "cantes". Winner of the Lampara Minera of the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas de la Unión in the year 2000, Rocío is currently an artist who drinks from the source of the ancient cantaores, contributing with her own imprint and personality when interpreting the cantes... His latest work: "Sueños del Alma" (Dreams of the Soul), is a mixture of classic flamenco pieces and new ones, which he interprets with a voice of great freshness.




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