Luis Medina

Luis Medina

Guitar, CORDOBA 1990

A creative and sensible guitarist, winner of the 2nd guitar award at the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas in 2017, he has also been performing all over the world for many years alone or with cantaores or bailaores. Gifted with a very flamenco technique, his mastery of silence as an integral part of the music gives him an unmistakable language. His current proposal: "Un Silencio Para la Calma" (A Silence for Calm) is a demonstration of his full potential as a soloist.




Luis Medina Blanco "Luis Medina" (guitarrista y compositor)
Juan Fernando Pérez Feria "Juanfe Pérez" (bajo)
Javier Martínez Rabadán "Javier Rabadán" (percusión)
Rafael Plantón Heredia "Rafa del Calli" (cante)


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