La Jose

La Jose

La Jose is a lyricist, composer and singer. Daughter of a dance-loving paya and a gypsy lover of the purest cante, she is therefore gifted with a mestizo essence. An artist who carries past, present and future in a versatile and authentic voice.

Her poetic and musical universe is reflected in a personal proposal, with her own compositions filled with beauty, with lyrics that deal with the great human passions, from the point of view of a woman endowed with an exceptional musicality and communicative capacity. La Jose has performed as a soloist and as a collaborator (Sacromonte, Ofir, Rapsoda and La Jose, David de Maria, Tomasito) and has performed on stages in Great Britain, Portugal, France, Italy, Bosnia, Macedonia, Germany and Colombia.

With his first album entitled "Espiral" he reached maturity and temperance, culminating in the current moment, when her concerts are a display of fusion of forms and social commitment, with quality and art.




Voz: La Jose
Guitarra: José Luis Monton
Percusión: Iván Mellén
Flauta: Juan Carlos Aracil


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