Falete, son of one of the members of the group Cantores de Hispalis, began at the age of 17 as "cantaor" in the show of the dancer "La Chunga". Later, both his Warner albums and his television appearances made him a mediatic figure in Spain. His concerts are filled with thousands of followers, his performances of pop songs and couplets make him a mainstream star, forming part of the cast of public figures who usually appear in the celebrity and gossip media...

And it was at this particular moment of his career when Falete felt the need to return to his flamenco roots, preparing a show naked of artifices and non-flamenco elements. This show, which will result in a recording once performed, is a unique opportunity to enjoy a popular music star facing the challenge of appearing naked of orchestral accompaniments, to sing to his roots: flamenco, the music that marked his youth and which he has never ceased to admire.

Falete is endowed with a portentous voice, capable of transmitting pain or joy and to reach the soul of the listener. At the same time, he is a profound connoisseur of flamenco palos, which he has always practiced in small venues, even though he has gained fame for his major concerts.

Watching it live, singing for fandangos, soleá or bulerías with only a guitar accompaniment is a unique and highly recommended experience.




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