Ezequiel Benítez

Ezequiel Benitez

Ezequiel Benítez Domínguez, (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1979) Flamenco singer from the Santiago neighbourhood, belonging to a family of artists. Since he was very young he has obtained prestigious awards and prizes, such as the International for the best Latin author in Miami, in the Son Music Festival, the Premio de Cante Jóvenes Valores 1 in 1997, the Premio Yunque Flamenco 1999 in Catalonia or the Premio de Livianas in 1998.

He has performed on stages and festivals of great international importance such as the Villamarta Theatre in Jerez, the Teatro Español in Madrid, the Fiesta de la Bulería, Nimes Festival, the Caja Madrid Festival, the Seville Biennial, etc. He has also shared stages with artists like: Paco Cepero, La Paquera, Chocolate, Enrique Morente and Juanito Valderrama, among others.

He has participated in very diverse albums and has published 3 solo albums, in addition to composing songs for numerous artists: Israel Paz, Malú, Radio Macande, India Martínez, Alex Ortiz, Niño de Elche, Maria Espinosa, Alejandra Rodriguez, show "El Belén del encuentro", the film "El Espíritu del Caballo, Mera Tour Viajes y un largo etc.




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