Capullo de Jerez

Capullo de Jerez

The echo of Miguel Flores, "El Capullo de Jerez", contains the secrets of the most traditional flamenco. He is a great artist in the old way, trained since he was a child in the school of life and a cantaor ("singer") 24 hours a day. An absolutely personal performer, who can be identified, without the slightest doubt, almost before he begins to temper himself. He has the genuine "soniquete" of his land, but he approaches the cantes in a way that clearly differentiates him from all his colleagues. Like the great creators, he has stamped his own label. In the flamenco scene at the beginning of the 21st century, which is becoming more and more perfectionist and monotonous, El Capullo is a fortunately non-catalogable figure.

When he draws character, when he uses his self-taught tricks, when he does not polish his edges to perfection, when he allows himself to be turned on by a vibrant compass, when he improvises to get rid of the purists, when he lights his sparks of madness, when he spits blood out of his mouth at every punch line... that is when the erotic of musical impurity is unfolded in all its splendour, which, in reality, is purity.

His public appearances begin in his early childhood, to continue in all the Tablaos of Spain and later in all the Flamenco Festivals, where his achievements are impressive. Currently Miguel Flores, "El Capullo de Jerez", is being recognized even outside his natural environment (flamenco) and is being asked to perform in alternative music festivals, as evidenced in his performance at the macro-festival PRIMAVERA SOUND in May 2018.




Voz: Capullo de Jerez
Manuel Jero (Guitarra)
Jose Rubichi (Percusión y palmas)
Jose Peña (Palmas y coros)


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